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The Red Fez Sez & The Mystic Mason - A Path To Divinity

My dad and grandfathers were all Master Masons, thus I was expected to carry on the family tradition, and was "Raised" a Master Mason at the age of 27. I held membership in two Masonic Lodges and was accepted into the Mystic Shrine. A massive family blow up occurred when I became a Christian. I had a decision to make: "Do I continue with the occult, or follow Christ?" Upon my departure from Freemasonry my dad refused to have any more to do with me for a good number of years. I also lost a good number of key business and professional clients, to include my termination from a major international corporation wherein the entire leadership were Masons.

The Masonic Order is seeped within the occult and carries forth a very pronounced penalty of death for any Mason who reveals the "secrets", "teachings", and/or "ceremonies" of the Lodge. This book will discuss in detail this material based upon my personal experience therein. Freemasonry is indeed a very dark and bizarre Order. There are "no hold's barred" within these pages and I can assure you that you will be stunned and shocked when you finish the final page.

Many a Mason, when confronted as to why they hold membership within the Lodge, will provide you with an instructional reply: "It makes a man a better man". If you continue in your quest for a more definitive answer, then a Mason will simply tell you that the Lodge is the same as any other civic club, or organization. These are programmed responses that are instilled during the Degree processes. Lies, deception, and the unlimited quest for power are the foundational stones that set aside these memorized responses for the facts as you will read.

The Masonic Order is one of power, prestige, and hidden doors that swing open for it's members - they did for me. A good majority of our presidents were Master Masons. Our military is seeped within the Masonic Order, as is our various members of our government. Why is this? Again the details as fully disclosed within my book will leave you stunned, especially when you read how a Mason can become "A Christ".

If you know of a Mason, Eastern Star, Shriner, Job's Daughter, Rainbow Girl, or DeMolay, then you must get the facts from this book and confront these folks on their dark walk. Take the time to make a positive difference in a Mason's life. They will thank you down the road.

This newly revised book is an extensive study of the Masonic Religion.  We will progress through the basic Blue Lodge and into the very dark and perverted Scottish Rite.  This book will shock you as to the beliefs, teachings, and holds that placed upon men.

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I was on my journey to "cross the burning sands" , i.e. become a member of the Mystic Shrine, when I came to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.  Needless to say, I did not undertake the required oath to Mohammad and Allah, to become a member of the Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. 

We perceive that the Shriners are the "do good fellows" of the Masonic Order with their hospitals and related public works of service.  This is the proverbial facade that hides the very dark side of this perverted Order.  The Mystic Shrine was launched in the 1800's by a Master Mason under the direct authorization of the very dark and perverted Rosicrucian Order.  It is seeped within a combination of the occult, Egyptology, and Islam.  There is absolutely no excuse for any man who claims to hold to Christ and retains membership within this obscene religion.  Don't be deceived by the good works.  There is a very dark mission for this organization. 

Take a very quick test:  examine your local obituaries for men who have listed the Shrine in their life's achievements.  After noting this fact, take notice of where they attended church, or what ministry is conducting the funeral service.  You will get the idea very quickly. 

If you have a family member, or close friend who holds membership in this dark Order, please give them this book.  Their eternal destination may be changed if you do. 

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